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Commodore PET Serial Registry

The main goal of the serial registry database is to keep track of the remaining Commodere PET computers and peripherals that are still in existence today.

Latest Added:

Model: 4022 Serial: 404453
Model: 2031-S Serial: V1003332
Model: CBM 610 Serial: 01461
Model: CBM 3032 Serial: 1327107
Model: CBM 8032 SK Serial: 12650

Commodore PET Library

Here you will find Commodore PET manuals, brochures, articles, magazine ads and more.

Latest Added:

Book PET and the IEEE488 Bus (GPIB)..
Book 32 BASIC Programs for the PET ..
Book Basic 4.0 Programming for the ..
Other Chicago Personal Computing Sho..
Other Get Practical Computing

Commodore PET Software

This section is dedicated to Commodore PET software such as games and applications.

Latest Added:

Game Break-Out
Game Target Pong
Game Pong
Game Ping Pong
Game Spot
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