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Model: Made In: Type:
PET Computers: 81
Total Serials: 95

BL Model Serial Made In Working Owner
-PET 2001-8 0027894 No W. Hartman, USA
Non-working. Rotted out tape drive belt, boots to screen of garbled text.
PET 2001N-32 802752 Yes Seth Morabito, USA
Received from the infamous warehouse clean-out in Richmond, CA
PET 4032 B5007254 Yes Seth Morabito, USA
Received from the infamous warehouse clean-out in Richmond, CA.
-CBM 8032-32 B 01006765 Yes Seth Morabito, USA
Received from the infamous warehouse clean-out in Richmond, CA.
[P] CBM 9060 3087 Yes Ville Laustela, Finland
Bought from eBay. Huge, loud and runs VERY hot, but looks just so cool :P
-CBM 8032-32 B 9165 Yes Jonas Mattsson, Sweden
This PET was actually 10 seconds from being "killed",(thrown in the garbage),when a friend of mine managed to rescue it! Now it's safe...staying with me :)
-PET 4032 B5013620 Yes Robert Bernardo, USA
-[P] CBM 8050 5101148 Yes Robert Bernardo, USA
-[P] CBM 8050 M1005983 Yes Robert Bernardo, USA
Labeled Dual Floppy, 8050M
-CBM 8296d 6670 Yes Robert Bernardo, USA
-CBM 8032-32 B 01005597 Yes Robert Bernardo, USA
-PET 4016 B3018289 Yes Robert Bernardo, USA
PET 4016-12 upgraded to 32K
PET 2001-8 041323 Yes Jeff, Duluth, MN, USA
Had "garbage screen" when purchased. Corrected by installing PETVet. Excellent cosmetic shape.
[P] CBM 3022 122683 Yes Tim Martyn-Jones, UK
Tractor drive dot matrix printer
[P] CBM 3040 600100 Yes Tim Martyn-Jones, UK
170kB single sided floppies using Shugart SA390 drives
CBM 3032 1000848 Yes Tim Martyn-Jones, UK
Complete with original manual & 2 add-on ROMs: BASIC Programmer's Toolkit and Petmaster Superchip (incorporating Faster BASIC). Bought new as a system with Dual Floppy Drive and Dot Matrix Printer in early 1980's. Added external speaker amplifier/box.
-[P] 4022 404453 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-[P] 2031-S V1003332 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-CBM 610 01461 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-CBM 3032 1327107 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-CBM 8032 SK 12650 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-CBM 8032 SK 3566 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
+ 64Kb
-CBM 8032 SK 16815 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-CBM 8032-32 B 3566 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
Optional HGR Graphic card
-CBM 8032-32 B 19591 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-4032-32N 3341 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-4032-N-9 E5001905 Yes Superpila1968, Italia
-PET 2001N-32 0805850 Yes David Hoelzer, USA
Was not working originally. Required a really thorough cleaning (families of mice had lived in it for years, apparently) as well as three new 8116 chips and a reflashed ROM in the U7 slot. Otherwise, it's fantastic!
-PET 4016 7081 Yes Shane "zap", Australia
-CBM 4016 10034 Yes Shane "zap", Australia
PET 2001-8 0010473 No Tom Laird-McConnell, USA
The power supply has gone bad. Would love to get this up and running again. My brother knew John Feagans at Iowa State and bought one of the first ones off of the assembly line
PET 2001-8 1002129 Yes André Stauffer, Switzerland
CBM 8032-32 B 05004667 Yes Steve, Canada
Rescued from a storage area of a closed business.
-PET 2001-8 0010936 Yes Dan, USA
Perfect condition. Works like new. Original box. No upgrades.
-PET 2001-8 0030432 Yes Rick Melick, USA
PETvet (33K, BASIC 2, BASIC 4); PETdisk; PETUNIA; PET BEEPER; white-key tape drive; MSD Super Disk Drive SD-1 (S/N: 20138-23)
CBM 3032 1514971 Yes Siem Appelman, Netherlands
CBM 3032 lable on front.
CBM 3016 802618 Yes Siem Appelman, Netherlands
CBM 3016 label on front.
PET 2001-8C 0625678 Yes Siem Appelman, Netherlands
In great condition. Original 6550 RAM and 6540 ROM chips. All keys perfect working. "Chicklet" keyboard.
PET 2001-8 0632833 Yes Siem Appelman, Netherlands
"Universal" board inside, 16 Kb. "Chicklet" keyboard. Reset button in front.
PET 2001-8 1000621 Yes Siem Appelman, Netherlands
Original 6550 RAM and 6540 ROM chips. "Chicklet" keyboard. Blue edge on screen. Datasette. first model, is missing.
PET 2001N-32 1000134 Yes Thurstan Johnston, United Kingdom
-CBM 710 00913 No Toast_r, Germany
This one came from ebay with no keyboard. It has a keyboard now from my other 710, that now has a DIN keyboard, but I took away it's crt to complete my working 8296-D.
-CBM 8296d 2270 Yes Toast_r, Germany
This one came to me without crt and wasn't working. After replacing PLAs UE5 and UE6 it came back to life. I took the CRT from my not working 710 to complete this one.
-CBM 610 02161 Yes Toast_r, Germany
I got this one from ebay as empty case with a keyboard that had one broken key. I repaired the keyboard which had some yellowing. Later I replaced it with a one in near mint condition. I got a a working mainboard from a friend, which was just missing the SID. after some search I also was able to purchase a original PSU. I changed it to display 8x14 instead of 8x8 pixal chars. I am still working on installing RAM to BANKs 0-14.
-CBM 8032 SK 0354 Yes Toast_r, Germany
This ono has installed the commodore highspeed graphics board and was used with some PCB layout software with an additional external crt. It also has installed a special editor ROM, that allows changing to 40 col and back to 80 col with a single print chr$( ).
CBM 710 00612 Yes Toast_r, Germany
I upgraded this one from 128kb (CBM 710) to 256kb (CBM 720) with switchable basic 128/256. Bought it on ebay about 6 month ago. It came with ASCII keyboard and ROMs, fortunately I got a DIN (German) Keyboard and was able to readout the DIN ROMs from a working 720.
PET 2001-8 1001252 No Erik van der Werff, Netherlands
PET 2001N-32 1323519 Yes oraclemaster, Italy
-PET 2001-8C 0632260 Yes Dennis Mulleneers, Netherlands
Expanded from 8K to 32K and audio amp board installed. Used at a local TV station.
-PET 4016 B3022949 Yes Mark Ormond, USA
-PET 2001-8 0030564 Yes Mark Ormond, USA
Chicklet keyboard, white buttons on tape drive, 320008 motherboard with 6540 ROMs and 6550 RAMs.
PET 4016-N B3000695 Yes Jac Goudsmit, USA
Model 4016N, 9" monitor, old (non-CRTC) motherboard with 32K factory-installed (non-socketed) RAM installed. Most chips are dated March/April 1980, ROMs are dated September 1981. The front label is either missing or it was never there in the first place; this is a low-profile case, the label would have been less than 1" high. Bought it on eBay April 2012, looked as good as new when it arrived (it even had the screws to hold the lid down). Corner of monitor PCB broke during transport but system works great as far as I can tell (I have no storage media at this time). Weblink has photos.
-PET 4016 B3013979 Yes Oles, Ukraine
Nice computer
PET 2001-8C 0625966 No Sascha, Germany
It starts with the character chaos but don´t stucks there. It seems that most the Tantals are damaged, I´ll replace them.
CBM 8032-32 B 24381 Yes Roger Fearnside, UK
PET 2001-8 001885 Yes ?, ?
Seen on Might be one of the earliest 220v PET to exist?
[P] CBM 8050 05465 Yes Ivan P, Denmark
Drives are not identical
CBM 8032 SK 09212 Yes Henrik Matzen, Denmark
Has a custom Danish character ROM, so it can write the Danish Æ, Ø and Å characters. The keyboard has labels on those 3 keys. Originally this system came from a Danish elementary school where it was used back in the early 80'ies. Still have the user guide and BASIC 4.0 Reference Manual in my posession aswell.
CBM 8296d 3149 No Phil Lockett, United Kingdom
Not posting
PET 2001N-32 1002216 Yes Phil Lockett, United Kingdom
PET 2001N-8 5012471 Yes Phil Lockett, United Kingdom
32K upgrade
PET 2001-8C 0616087 Yes Phil Lockett, United Kingdom
[P] CBM 8050 8106059 No Anders Elvström, Finland
Bad ram chips, need testing.
CBM 8032 SK 12903 Yes Anders Elvström, Finland
No keyboard
PET 2001N-8 2011510 Yes Earl Evans, USA
P500 1481 Yes Richard Lagendijk, the Netherlands
CBM 8032-32 B 15000173 Yes Ivan P, Denmark
Case made of metal, screen frame is made of plastic though. Very cool machine! Replaced the screen and mainboard.
[P] CBM 8050 M3010832 Yes Ville Laustela, Finland
[P] CBM 8250lp 5001162 Yes Ville Laustela, Finland
Bought from eBay. The unit was not working, but was repaired by replacing a faulty MOS 6532 chip.
-[P] CBM 2040 407927 Yes D. Mercado, USA
Upgraded to DOS2
[P] CBM 4040 G1011961 Yes azog, USA
The front nameplate was replaced with a completely custom (metal) nameplate, identifying as belonging "Coherent Medical Division".&
[P] CBM 8250lp 4003285 Yes Ivan P, Denmark
-CBM 8296 TBD Yes Leif Bloomquist, Canada
Used to track contents in a freezer!
PET 2001-8 632752 Yes Ferenc Németh, The Netherlands
Works like a dream and includes original commodore manual and MOS programming guide
-CBM SP9000 SP0009694 Yes Bill Degnan, USA
CBM 8296 2064 No Bill Degnan, USA
This is an OEM re-branded Malvern Particle Sizer with Co-Ax daughter bd. Needs new power supply 8V bad
CBM 8032 010032924 Yes Bill Degnan, USA
64K RAM Upgrade
CBM 8032 01026512 Yes Bill Degnan, USA
PET 4016-12 B3025711 Yes Bill Degnan, USA
PET 2001N-16 700149 Yes Bill Degnan, USA
PET 2001-8 0020343 Yes Bill Degnan, USA
PET 2001-8C 0616628 Yes Malikart, Germany
-CBM 8032 01020559 Yes D. Mercado, USA
-PET 2001-8 20343 Yes Bill Degnan, USA
Fully functional last time I checked. Blue screen-trim.
PET 2001-8 636163 Yes Ville Laustela, Finland
Had problems with wobbly display, non-working cassette drive and sticky keyboard, all now fixed.
CBM 8032-32 B 14126 Yes Ville Laustela, Finland
With scandinavian keyboard
-PET 4032 C5000920 Yes Gordon "gsteemso" Steemson, USA
"Fat 40"
PET 2001N-32 1006260 Yes Terry Stewart, New Zealand
Although label on back says 2001-32 N, it actually says CBM 3032 on the front.
PET 2001B-32 1513544 Yes Frank Noerg, Denmark
I found it on a recycling area, and loaded it into my car. Hided it for my wife… :o) After 2 or 3 weeks in a warm and dry place I powered it up. It didn’t work, but after quite a long time, and many good advices from it now works very well.
CBM 8032 SK 17458 No Ivan P, Denmark
Used for parts
CBM 4032 B5008503 Yes azog, USA
PET 2001-8 11142 Yes Rizal Acob, Surrey,BC,Canada
PET 2001-8 1007405 Yes Thomas Gutmeier, Austria
CBM 8032 SK 11741 No Ivan P, Denmark
Used for parts
CBM 8096 19065 Yes Ivan P, Denmark
Replaced the screen with a much brighter one, rest is original.

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